Hihi! I'm Ray! I love my friends more than anything!
I'm a huge dumbass, and I guess you could consider me an artist.

It ended up being really big and I didn't want to have it all on one page! Have a Loser stamp!

Favorite Characters! Comfort Characters are marked with a '❤♡♡❤'
Dark Choco!

Some Ships! Comfort Ships are marked with a '❤♡♡❤' I have quite a few rare pairs.
BirthdayCandy (Birthday Cake Cookie/Cotton Candy Cookie)
CanonxOC (...including selfships)
BirthdayPieCandy (Same as above, with Pumpkin Pie Cookie)
Cherremote (Human/DRBFBOC)

★ - Currently focused on this!
~ II
~ Cookie Run
★ Danganronpa
★ Animal Crossing
★ Pokemon
~ Steven Universe
★ Warriors
~ Castle Cats
~ DragonVale
~Happy Tree Friends
~Neko Atsume
★ Flight Rising

I'm really not sure how to write "about me"s so bear with me

I'm a Pisces! (March 9th)
I hate it when pisces is always put as the fish in those zodiac posts, but GOSH if you are gonna do it PLEASE be ben and jerry's ice cream... Phish food is good and I see almost nothing about it
If we're talking and I suddenly stop responding for a while
there's a good chance I'm running around my house
or violently shaking my hands.
I draw most of the time and maybe if we become good enough friends I'll doodle something for you! '0'
On the topic of friends I'm not good at meeting new people and if it's too much/forced on me I won't interact!
ALSO I get super nervous when speaking so if there's a huge convo with a lot of people and you see me typing and I stop... you know why..
My friends tease me about being in love with a cube!